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Now with 2,360,250 records current inventory
1,733,774 birth records and 333,969 death records (19.26%)
1,113,111 birth records (64.2%) linked through 292,507 marriage records.
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05/04/2021 14:00:00 Ouschteren am Preizerdaul (luxroots, Platen)
23/05/2021 10:00:00 Helpermaart 2021 (luxroots, Buschdorf)
15/08/2021 10:00:00 asbl @ Liffrawschdag Greiweldeng (luxroots, Greiveldange)  next
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is the motto of the luxroots genealogy group whose more than 60 volunteers enter the details of the records in the association's online database. The luxroots data are not available to feed databases, websites, genealogical work for third parties, which pass beyond the genealogical research of the family of the subscriber. The use of our data for commercial purposes (search for ancestors, heir research, ..) is not permitted without a special permission.
Genealogy is a very nice hobby, but sometimes it becomes commercial. The board members of the luxroots associations as well as our luxroots associates are not working in genealogy to make money. We hope that the members of board of other genealogical associations in the region have the same approach. Before joining an association and before submitting your data to an association, first ask if the members of board do not use your data for personal business purposes.
We explore documents from the past to preserve them for the future. Join the great (jigsaw)puzzle of Luxembourgish Genealogy by analyzing and capturing the details of acts of your preferred township/parish in our database.

We are looking for people to help us with the data input of details of baptisms of the following parishes (written in Latin): Luxembourg-Garnison, Merl, Schuttrange, Wasserbillig.

continuing in French as most of the records are handwritten in French -
REJOIGNEZ notre quipe, nous avons besoin de vous comme associ pour la saisie d'actes de naissance des communes de Amberloup, Chantennelle, Chatillon, Erneuville, Etalle, Flamierge, Grapfontaine, Hives, Laroche, Meix-le-Tige, Musson, Ortho, Remagne, Rossignol, Samre, Ste-Marie, Tillet, Vance (en Belgique), Longlaville, Saulnes, Haucourt-Moulaine, Herserange, Hussigny-Godbrange (en France); de mariage et de dcs des communes composantes de Arlon, Aubange, Attert, Bastogne, Fauvillers, Gouvy, Houffalize, Martelange, Messancy, Vaux-sur-Sre.

Nous recherchons des associs pour la saisie des dtails des baptmes des paroisses des provinces belges du Luxembourg et de Lige, des dpartements franais de la Moselle et de Meurthe-et-Moselle.

continuing in German as most of the records are handwritten in old German - Desweiteren suchen wir Mitarbeiter fr die Datenaufnahme der Geburtsakten von Lommersweiler, Schnberg, Manderfeld, Bllingen (in Belgien) Alsdorf, Auw-bei-Prm, Baustert, Bitburg,Echternacherbrck, Niederprm, Peffingen, Prm, Schankweiler, Speicher, Kylburg, Dudeldorf (in Deutschland) sowie der Sterbeakten der luxemburgischen Gemeinden sowie der angrenzenden deutschen Grenzregion

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