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Where should I be careful when analyzing a marriage record?
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Where should I be careful when analyzing a marriage record?
Most of genealogy information is found on the marriage record. But we must first find it i.e. know the place of marriage, which sometimes is not easy.
On a marriage, we find in principle people for 3 marriages and even more if a bride and groom or their parents are shown as a widower / widow.
For dates of birth or death indicated in the marriage, you must be careful and ideally look for birth and / or death record.
It is the same with names and places may vary between types of records.
There may be corrections to names or other about previous records (birth, death ) as well as a legitimation of an illegitimate child.
Up from records of 1893, we find information if the newlyweds have signed a deed or not in front of a notary.
As far as the names are not very readable, take care of the signatures or names of the alphabetical list at the end of the year respectively of the 10-years tables. asbl   HOME   myluxroots   SEARCH   our associates   our subscriptions asbl   Contact   keeping the past alive