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Newsletter September 2016
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Newsletter September 2016
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Working together on genealogy for the future

The Genealogy Center for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
and for the neighboring regions in Belgium and Germany

now with 1,380,159 records
1,185,092 birth records and 57,026 death records
498,422 birth records (42.06%) linked through 138,041 marriage records.

Welcome to the
Genealogy Days
of Luxembourg and the Greater Region
under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the municipality of Hesperange
with the participation of genealogical clubs from the Greater Region
on the weekend of October, 8-9th 2016
at the Centre Nicolas Braun in Hesperange
Saturday from 2 to 9pm, Sunday from 10am to 5pm
Free entrance. Aperitif offered. Discount of 10 euros on our publications (max. 50%).

Our September 2016 newsletter with the following topics: (our newsletters of the last 12 months)
- luxroots confirms its position
- Be a luxroots associate!
- Finished data input during the month of August 2016
- 16 children of a couple born in 11 different localities
- Ell, a third book by Romain GASPAR
- myluxroots transactions
- Notre-Dame de Luxembourg : Dévotion et Patrimoine
- Online Archives , Metz 1561-1915
- The Luxembourg Nationality
- Need help?
- Further events; exhibitions, information meetings
- luxroots-calendar about the genealogy meetings and events

Dear subscribers, dear visitors of our websites, dear friends

With 900 members, luxroots is by far the largest genealogical association in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Compared to other genealogical associations of the Grand Duchy, our annual contribution is the cheapest. For each subscription (€ 22) or for each subscription renewal (€ 19), we give back 200 myluxroots points (= 200 eurocents) to your myluxroots points account. You will find the operation of this account with this link.

More than 50 volunteers entered the details of nearly 1.4 million birth/baptism, marriage and death records. The database now contains 1,183,000 unique people entered on the basis of the details of the records.

Do not be misled you by fanciful figures of 2,000,000 people as indicated by private genealogists of another association. In Luxembourg, there are only birth and/or baptism records for some 1,150,000 people born in Luxembourg between ~1600-1923. To reach these fanciful figures, we can take the example of a sheep grazing today in a first meadow, tomorrow in a second and the day after in a third, etc. Finally, you have a sheep that you counted three times. This is what is happening today in many genealogy databases: the same person in several databases. When merging, we get these fantastic figures. Trust the volunteers of our non-profit association who work only on the basis of copies of records and enter their details into a unique database.

Our volunteers have just completed the 1798-1923 marriages of the five cantons of northern Luxembourg. The baptisms for this region before 1800 will be finished by the end of this year.
We have now started entering the details of marriages before 1798 for this region and we hope to complete these by the end of 2017. Then, pedigree charts and lists of descendants can be produced online up to 13 generations.
While we enter details on basis of copies of records, we are nevertheless pleased to be able to control it with a work done by a volunteer team of the
l'ALGH.. This team has transcribed the marriages from parish registers before 1800 in a file available at the association's headquarters on the 4th floor of the Castle of Mersch. This work is currently also available in the records of parish registers published by FamilySearch. Thank you for this wonderful work to the whole team and especially to Francis BREYER.

This table shows the current state of our project for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Aug 21, 2016)
StepRecordsFinishedTo be enteredFinished
1Births 1798-1923748.88798%* 19.000End 2016
2Marriages 1840-192396.03977%28.000End 2017
3Deaths 1870-192346.65516%245.000End 2020
4Baptisms prior to 1798163.35451%160.000End 2019
5Marriages 1798-183916.69131%37.000End 2020
6Deaths 1798-186900%440.000End 2023
7Marriages prior to 17982.8734%65.000End 2021
8Deaths prior to 179800%allEnd 2024
* Differdange 1912-1923; Lenningen 1798-1841; Remich 1798-1810: Wormeldange 1798-1850; Eich, Hamm, Hollerich, Rollingergrund 1914-1923
N.B. Apart from these Luxembourgish reocrds, we also entered details of 237,000 births, 17,000 marriages and 10,000 deaths of the Belgian and German border regions.

If you are not yet among the luxroots subscribers,
join them now!

Through the myluxroots transactions, more than 150 subscribers and associates have already entered their recent family members to luxroots linking them to the ancestors already entered earlier by our volunteers. A subscriber recently added three members of his family in our database and received in return a pedigree chart with over 100 ancestors (7 generations), and this in 5 minutes, not to mention the ability to create lists of descendants of these ancestors instantly. In Luxembourg, you will find nothing comparable to our project and for this reason, please help us to assemble the large Grand Duchy of Luxembourg genealogy puzzle and the neighboring regions. Check the pedigree charts of Christiane, Hortense, Paulette and Serge. Do the same, we will support you!
Today, you may check on the Internet all records of the Civil (~ 1795-1923) and parish registers (~1600-~1815) of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as well as the notary records 1621-1821 and the 1843-1900 censuses without going to archives or libraries. Follow
this link.

Learn more about genealogy in general and the luxroots projects in particular at our information booths & meetings:

Please participate also at the Marche Gourmande (Walking Dinner) in Hoffelt, Sunday, September 25th

During the month of August 2016, the associates finished the following data input:
421 births 1901-1916 of the former municipality of
Daleiden by Agnès and Armand SERRES-HEINEN
236 births 1805-1812 of the municipality of
Mertert by Jean-Claude LAHYR
3,041 births 1797-1849 of the municipality of
Messancy by Georges FELTZ
2,083 baptisms 1682-1807 of the parish of
Betzdorf by Monique and Jean-Paul MOURIS-BERNARD

325 marriages 1728-1797 of the parish of
Asselborn by Georges EICHER
109 marriages 1682-1764,1786-1797 of the parish of
Boevange by Georges EICHER
38 marriages 1748-1792 of the parish of
Crendal by Georges EICHER
83 marriages 1743-1796 of the parish of
Doennange by Georges EICHER
20 marriages 1745-1794 of the parish of
Lullange by Georges EICHER
127 marriages 1717-1796 of the parish of
Oberwampach by Georges EICHER
45 marriages 1769-1797 of the parish of
Troine by Georges EICHER
24 marriages 1779-1796 of the parish of
Weicherdange by Georges EICHER

953 marriages 1840-1923 of the municipality of
Bascharage by Armand GILLEN
1,237 marriages 1840-1899 of the city of
Dudelange by Micheline and Fernand HERMES-METZ
1,076 marriages 1797-1839 of the city of
Echternach by Ramona and Marcel LINCK-GAMBUCCI
1,202 marriages 1860-1889 of the former municipality of
Eich by Marilyn FÜRST
2,090 marriages 1840-1899 of the city of
Esch-sur-Alzette by Josée and Richard OSTER-RASQUIN
986 marriages 1796-1839 of the city of
Ettelbruck by Agnès and Armand SERRES-HEINEN
185 marriages 1866-1912 of the former municipality of
Tontelange by Josette TOMPERS
Which associate is currently working on what ?
Robert FABER from Bereldange has joined the team of the luxroots associates and works on the marriages 1840-1923 of the municipality of Flaxweiler.

16 children of a couple, born in 11 different localities
It is often difficult for a family researcher to find the descendants of an ancestor when this ancestor had to move because of his occupation (Customs, policeman, employee of the railways, contributions, notary, ..., miller, shepherd, ...).
Peter CHRISNACH was born in Clervaux January 30th, 1853 and married June 14th, 1876 in Arsdorf Elisabetha DUTREUX, born in Grevenmacher September 19th, 1860. The couple had subsequently 16 children in 11 different villages this due to the customs profession of the husband: a first in Septfontaines, 1 in Belvaux, 2 in Hautbellain, one in Harlange, Pétange and Troine, 4 in Boulaide, 2 in Troisvierges and one in Beckerich, Bonnevoie and Dippach.
Thanks to the nationwide work of the luxroots team, this family composition could be made with a mouse click in luxroots.

Romain GASPAR has issued his third book of the municipality of Ell. This book with 230 pages and 370 pictures can be ordered par transfer of € 90.- to the acc. CCPLLULL LU73 1111 0738 6649 0000 of Romain GASPAR, L-8557 Petit-Nobressart.

The Piconrue Museum in Bastogne invites to his new exhibition and publication - Notre-Dame de Luxembourg : Dévotion et Patrimoine -
Opening Friday September 9th at 6:30pm, guided tours: Saturday and Sunday, September 10th and 11th at 10:30am and 3pm
Flyer and subscription form

Fausto GARDINI is presenting his new book ESCAPE FROM LUXEMBOURG, 1933-1940 on November 16th, 2016at 7:30pm in Ettelbruck (3, Rue de la Synagogue). info+

The 'Revue Française de Généalogie' informs that the archives of the City of Metz 1561-1915 are now online. For other online archives, use our links.

Be a volunteer of the non-profit association, and help us build together the family tree of Luxembourg. In less than 5 years, is able to establish pedigree charts or lists of offsprings up to 13 generations (~1600 to 2020 period) for every person born, married or died in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and even in border areas online and within seconds.
Join a team of over 50 volunteers who have engaged in meaningful and informative work, that is useful for the future. Genealogy has never been easier than today!
You do not need to go to townships or to archives. luxroots makes available to its associates the pictures of the records of a certain township/parish free of charge which they plan to analyze and enter the details in the luxroots-database.
Do not hesitate to participate in this great puzzle of genealogy of Luxembourg by analyzing and capturing the details of the records of your preferred township or parish. Check our inventory of records of townships/parishes
to be analyzed soon or other available documents.

Our next newsletter will be sent on Wednesday, September 28th, 2016.

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