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Newsletter October 2016
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Newsletter October 2016
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Working together on genealogy for the future

The Genealogy Center for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
and for the neighboring regions in Belgium and Germany

now with 1,392,651 records
1,192,312 birth records and 57,478 death records
515,411 birth records (43.23%) linked through 142,861 marriage records.

Our October 2016 newsletter with the following topics: (our newsletters of the last 12 months)
- About luxroots
- Genealogy Days of Luxembourg and the Greater Region
- Be a luxroots associate!
- Finished data input during the month of September 2016
- tragic death of a 7 year old boy in 1821
- Ell, a third book by Romain GASPAR
- myluxroots transactions
- Names in the 'Rheinprovinz' and BeNeLux
- Viichter Geschichtsfrënd
- The Luxembourg Nationality
- Need help?
- Further events; exhibitions, information meetings
- luxroots-calendar about the genealogy meetings and events

Dear subscribers, dear visitors of our websites, dear friends

Welcome to the
Genealogy Days
of Luxembourg and the Greater Region
under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the municipality of Hesperange
with the participation of genealogical clubs from the Greater Region
on the weekend of October, 8-9th 2016
at the Centre Nicolas Braun in Hesperange
Saturday from 2 to 9pm, Sunday from 10am to 5pm
Free entrance. Aperitif offered. Discount of 10 euros on our publications (max. 50%).
luxroots associates are available to advise you individually
about the luxroots projects and genealogy in general.

Menu (Sunday):
raw and cooked ham from the region and salads; dessert and coffee – 15€
Reservation until October 2nd: or by phone 2799 4713

We would like to thank the Luxembourg press for their support of the luxroots project (Luxemburger Wort, RTL 5minutes, RTL Radio, Journal). Many genealogy enthusiasts have registered on luxroots after these publications.

Today, more than 5,100 visitors from around the world are registered on Almost 900 of these visitors support the luxroots projects! Our visitors come from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (55%), France (13%), United States (11%), Belgium (10%), Germany (4%), Brazil, Netherlands, Canada, Great Britain Switzerland and from 30 other countries.
If you are not yet among the luxroots subscribers,
join them now!

Learn more about genealogy in general and the luxroots projects in particular at our information booths & meetings:

During the month of September 2016, the associates finished the following data input:
8,211 parish 1675-1797 de la paroisse de
Mersch by Joseph SCHLOESSER

118 marriages 1754-1797 of the parish of
Arsdorf by Ferd KOEUNE
11 marriages 1779-1792 of the parish of
Berlé by Georges EICHER
115 marriages 1743-1796 of the parish of
Brachtenbach by Georges EICHER
144 marriages 1734-1756,1770-1797 of the parish of
Consthum by Christiane KRIER-PETERS
18 marriages 1750-1795 of the parish of
Derenbach by Georges EICHER
77 marriages 1712-1729, 1779-1797 of the parish of
Eschweiler by Georges EICHER
393 marriages 1695-1759 of the parish of
Munshausen by Christiane KRIER-PETERS

685 marriages 1840-1923 of the municipality of
Contern by Lydie EHLERINGER
566 marriages 1840-1930 of the former municipality of
Daleiden by Agnès and Armand SERRES-HEINEN
Which associate is currently working on what ?

By working on the records of the municipality of Beaufort, our associate Myriam WEIS-ZIEWERS just found a tragic report about the death of a 7 year old boy, native of Ettelbruck. By bathing in the Alzette River in Ettelbruck, he drowned and his body was found near Grundhof (Beaufort).

The 'Viichter Geschichtsfrënd nbr 14' has just been published.

Cardamina has published the book on the names used in the 'Rheinprovinz' and BeNeLux, established by our subscriber Peter LÖNNENDONCKER.

Romain GASPAR has issued his third book of the municipality of Ell. This book with 230 pages and 370 pictures can be ordered by transfer of € 90.- to the acc. CCPLLULL LU73 1111 0738 6649 0000 of Romain GASPAR, L-8557 Petit-Nobressart.

Fausto GARDINI is presenting his new book ESCAPE FROM LUXEMBOURG, 1933-1940 on November 16th, 2016at 7:30pm in Ettelbruck (3, Rue de la Synagogue). info+

Through the myluxroots transactions, more than 150 subscribers and associates have already entered their recent family members to luxroots linking them to the ancestors already entered earlier by our volunteers. A subscriber recently added three members of his family in our database and received in return a pedigree chart with over 100 ancestors (7 generations), and this in 5 minutes, not to mention the ability to create lists of descendants of these ancestors instantly. In Luxembourg, you will find nothing comparable to our project and for this reason, please help us to assemble the large Grand Duchy of Luxembourg genealogy puzzle and the neighboring regions. Check the pedigree charts of Christiane, Hortense, Paulette and Serge. Do the same, we will support you!
Today, you may check on the Internet all records of the Civil (~ 1795-1923) and parish registers (~1600-~1815) of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as well as the notary records 1621-1821 and the 1843-1900 censuses without going to archives or libraries. Follow
this link.

Be a volunteer of the non-profit association, and help us build together the family tree of Luxembourg. In less than 5 years, is able to establish pedigree charts or lists of offsprings up to 13 generations (~1600 to 2020 period) for every person born, married or died in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and even in border areas online and within seconds.
Join a team of over 50 volunteers who have engaged in meaningful and informative work, that is useful for the future. Genealogy has never been easier than today!
You do not need to go to townships or to archives. luxroots makes available to its associates the pictures of the records of a certain township/parish free of charge which they plan to analyze and enter the details in the luxroots-database.
Do not hesitate to participate in this great puzzle of genealogy of Luxembourg by analyzing and capturing the details of the records of your preferred township or parish. Check our inventory of records of townships/parishes
to be analyzed soon or other available documents.

Our next newsletter will be sent on Wednesday, October 26th, 2016.

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