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Newsletter May 2017
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Newsletter May 2017
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Working together on genealogy for the future

The Genealogy Center for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
and for the neighboring regions in Belgium and Germany

now with 1,522,847 records
1,274,066 birth records and 70,412 death records
626,152 birth records (49.15%) linked through 178,369 marriage records.

Our May 2017 newsletter with the following topics: (our newsletters of the last 12 months)
- our new brochure
- Vianden
- Be a luxroots associate!
- Finished data input during the month of April 2017
- myluxroots transactions
- our form for a pedigree chart
- articles by André BAULER (in German)
- The Luxembourg Nationality
- Discover Luxembourg Tour 2017
- Need help?
- tour
- Further events; exhibitions, information meetings
- luxroots-calendar about the genealogy meetings and events

Dear subscribers, dear visitors of our websites, dear friends

Our brochure of 2015 has been updated and republished and will be available on our information stands and at our meetings as from May 1st, 2017 Take a look at it now!

luxroots needs volunteers and subscribers. Our volunteers do a remarkable work to advance our projects so that they can better assist family researchers. We would like to thank our subscribers for their continued financial support to support the future evolution of the Internet presence of this project.
In order to not attract too many genealogists doing research beyond their families, we stopped selling myluxroots points. Instead, we encourage them to join in our projects to enter details of records in our common and non-profit database.
luxroots confirms its leading position in genealogy in Luxembourg If you are not yet among our subscribers, join them now!

Vianden_1661_1923During the past years, the genealogy group luxroots has entered the details of 9,037 births and baptisms of the parish and city of Vianden for the period 1679 to 1923. The most common surnames are: BETTENDORFF (216), ROYER (150), BASSING (120), HANSEN, METZ, HAENTGES, GILLEN, HIERTZ, FEYDER, GLEIS, DALEYDEN, EYDT, COLLING, WEYRICH (80), ...
The details of 1,894 marriages 1691 to 1923 have also been entered and therefore, our subscribers can create within 2 seconds lists of descendants of an ancestor.

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Learn more about genealogy in general and the luxroots projects in particular at our information booths & meetings. Ask for your Din A3 form of a pedigree chart over 5 generations.
luxroots asbl, the genealogy club of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, organizes a historic tour to the flea market of Redu and a visit to the town of Bouillon on Sunday, June 18th, 2017.
Departure by bus Stephany in Troisvierges at 7am with stops at Hosingen-Church, Ingeldorf-Cactus and PR-Luxembourg-South. Back at 8pm in Troisvierges.
Redu, the village of the book is our first destination with a visit of the village and the flea market..
Around noon, we head for Bouillon for lunch at the
Hotel-Restaurant de la Poste
At 3 pm, our journey continues with a guided tour of the
Castle of Bouillon ... more details and registration
Back at 5pm.

During the month of April 2017, the associates finished the following data input:
4,454 births 1910-1921 Differdange by Fraenz WALTHER
640 births 1922-1923
Differdange by Suzette JANS
4,799 births 1796-1923
Lenningen by Ramona and Marcel LINCK-GAMBUCCI
330 births 1797-1823
Machtum by Lydie EHLERINGER
2,967 births 1871-1910
Reuland (Burg-Reuland) by Irma JODOCY-HENTZ

1,623 baptisms 1666-1799
Soleuvre by Diane KREMER
3,307 baptisms 1735-1773
Vielsalm by Joseph LEONARD

245 marriages 1758-1797
Martelange by Ferd KOEUNE
194 marriages 1743-1797
Wahl by Myriam WEIS-ZIEWERS
414 marriages 1798-1839 Esch-sur-Alzette by Josée and Richard OSTER-RASQUIN
1,567 marriages 1840-1923
Grevenmacher by Lydie EHLERINGER
485 marriages 1839-1869
Hobscheid by Pol HORNICK
87 marriages 1821-1839
Körperich (Neuerburg) by Agnès and Armand SERRES-HEINEN
1,405 marriages 1910-1919
Luxembourg by Paulette GRUN-BESCH
1,272 marriages 1920-1923
Luxembourg by Agnès and Armand SERRES-HEINEN

1,089 deaths 1860-1923
Tuntange by Marilyn FÜRST

Which associate is currently working on what ?

Our website, where you can publish your GEDCOM file for free, now holds 84 trees with 240.000 people after adding the file of our subscriber Pierre HAAS with 3,231 people.

André BAULER has authorized the publication of some articles (in German) on our website: Zeugen der alten Dorfarchitektur, Winter 1709, Thillenvogtei in Rindschleiden, and some more about the municipality of Erpeldange.

20 months remain to make your request for recovery of the dual citizenship in Luxembourg

Flag of Luxembourg A
new law on Luxembourg nationality entered into force on 1 January 2009.
2. Case of a person with a grandparent who had Luxembourg nationality by origin (article 29)
The law of 23 October 2008 on Luxembourg nationality has introduced a new case of re-acquisition, the application of which is limited in time.
A person can re-acquire Luxembourg nationality provided:
- he or she has a male or female ancestor, who possessed Luxembourg nationality on the date of 1 January 1900; and
- he or she is the descendant in a paternal or maternal line of said grandparent.
The interested party can trace back each generation in the paternal or maternal line to establish whether he or she is the descendant of a Luxembourg grandparent on the date of 1 January 1900.
The declaration of re-acquisition must be made before a civil registrar by 31 December 2018 at the latest. ...
More about this theme.

How to link a death notice I found on with the record of the deceased person in luxroots? See our Demo-Video. (We suggest to open the video with the Firefox Browser.)

Through the myluxroots transactions, more than 300 subscribers and associates have already entered their recent family members to luxroots linking them to the ancestors already entered earlier by our volunteers. If you add 7 family members (1924-2017) in our database, then it is possible that you get back a pedigree chart with 1,000 ancestors (10 generations), and this in 10 minutes, not to mention the ability to create lists of descendants of these ancestors instantly. In Luxembourg, you will find nothing comparable to our project and for this reason, please help us to assemble the large Grand Duchy of Luxembourg genealogy puzzle and the neighboring regions. Check the pedigree charts of Christiane, Hortense, Paulette and Serge. Do the same, we will support you!

Let us build together the genealogy tree of Luxembourg! luxroots is the genealogical association in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg whose volunteers do not work on personal databases, but enter data online directly to the non-profit luxroots-database.
That's why working together makes us so powerful. If you are able to analyze records of civil registers or even of parish registers, and you want to be part of a dynamic team of volunteers as part of the cross-border and non-profit project, please contact us!
You do not need to go to townships or to archives. luxroots makes available to its associates the pictures of the records of a certain township/parish free of charge which they plan to analyze and enter the details in the luxroots-database.
Do not hesitate to participate in this great puzzle of genealogy of Luxembourg by analyzing and capturing the details of the records of your preferred township or parish. Check our inventory of records of townships/parishes
to be analyzed soon or other available documents.

Our next newsletter will be sent on Wednesday, May 31st, 2017.

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