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What are the benefits to register with luxroots?
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What are the benefits to register with luxroots?
There are several advantages
- the registration is free of fee.
- Within a year, the luxroots registered user may make some searches by month in the database in our BASIC version (without links): Based on a search of place of birth, or on a family name for a certain decade, or on the first few letters of a name, a list of the persons concerned is shown and you can check the details of such persons.
- You can contact the luxroots associates having seized the details of this person by clicking on the blue Q button of each record.
- You loss the above-mentioned facility (BASIC version) when you accept our proposal of a free 2-days subscription with a
limited volume in our LINKED version (with links) and even in the EXTENDED version (with a pedigree charts and lists of descendants constructor) (This free subscription is only proposed to registered persons accepting our newsletter,)
- The registered luxroots users receive our monthly newsletter (if they have left the related field
to YES in your user profile.
- The registered luxroots users may consult
our contacts list ( provided that you left the related field to YES in your user profile. This consultation will allow him to contact registered luxroots users for exchanging data on similar family names.
- He has several tools (Republican calendar converter, dates linked to Wikipedia, ... ), information on townships and parishes processed in the framework of our project
- Through our website, he can offer books for sale, make offers to purchase , add books, manage his library
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