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genealogy research in the province of Lige and especially in the German region of Belgium (March 2016)
Reading rooms for the Belgian State Archives are located for the province of Lige in Eupen and Lige. For a visit to these archives, you must have an access card of 20 euros per year.
In past years, the Archives of the Belgian State have made a considerable effort by
posting most of their records of parish and civil registers (23 million pages) online. For the consultation of these records, you must have a free access userid.
Meanwhile, has put the majority of records of Civil Registers of Belgium including those of the
province of Lige online.
You find direct links to the above-mentioned research
on our main page.

From early 2014, luxroots started genealogical research in the border municipalities of the province of Lige. Today, you find details of 14,483 births entered on basis of copies of the original records in the luxroots database, mainly by Susi VOOSEN, Irma JODOCY-HENTZ and Aloyse JODOCY.

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