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Conditions for luxroots data use
(Extract from the luxroots newsletter March 2016)
luxroots is a team of volunteers working together in the genealogy project managed by the nonprofit association
The major work of our volunteers is the analysis of records of parish and civil registers, and the online entry of details of these records in our common database. The project covers the period from ~1600 to 1923 of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Belgian and German border regions.

The entered data is immediately shown through the tools of our website (research and consultation of details, creation of pedigree charts and lists of descendants or on the basis of our PDF documents) based on a subscription, limited in time and
This exceptional work greatly simplifies the genealogy of all family researchers and the decryption of ancient documents by current and future generations.

If you use our data in your family research, please indicate as source of information.
If you're considering a digital publication (web site, PDF or other media) or on paper to third parties or to the public without payment, and you use a lot of data available on luxroots, we recommend to quote as a source of information on the first page of this publication.

It is strictly forbidden to search the luxroots databases under a false identity.

Our data are not available to feed databases, websites, genealogical work for third parties, which pass beyond the genealogical research of the family of the subscriber.

Any use of our data for commercial purposes (search for ancestors, heir research, ..) is not permitted without special permission.

In case of doubt of non-compliance with our conditions of use, we reserve the right, in a first stage, to cancel the subscription in question with immediate effect.
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