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Newsletter November 2019
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Working together on genealogy for the future

The Genealogy Center for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
and for the neighboring regions in Belgium and Germany

now with the details of 2,091,000 records

luxroots, with more than 1,200 members
the largest genealogical association in Luxembourg.

Our November 2019 Newsletter (our newsletters of the last 12 months)

Dear subscribers, dear visitors of our websites, dear friends

The Genealogical Days of Luxembourg on the weekend from October, 5-6th in Hesperange, organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Hesperange, were a great success, especially after the publication of some articles in the Luxemburger Wort and the Letzebuerger Journal. We thank their editors. Many visitors gathered in Hesperange for help in their family search, and 31 new subscribers now have online access to the ancestry charts of their direct ancestors, thanks to the work of our volunteers.
The next Genealogical Days will take place on October 3-4th, 2020 in Hesperange.

With over 1.300 subscribers and associates, luxroots confirms its leading position in genealogy in Luxembourg far exceeding the overall number of members of other genealogical associations of Luxembourg.

Public interest before personal interest
is the motto of the luxroots genealogy group whose more than 60 volunteers enter the details of the records in the association's online database. The luxroots data are not available to feed databases, websites, genealogical work for third parties, which pass beyond the genealogical research of the family of the subscriber. The use of our data for commercial purposes (search for ancestors, heir research, ..) is not permitted without a special permission.
Genealogy is a very nice hobby, but sometimes it becomes commercial. The board members of the luxroots associations as well as our luxroots associates are not working in genealogy to make money. We hope that the members of board of other genealogical associations in the region have the same approach. Before joining an association and before submitting your data to an association, first ask if the members of board do not use your data for personal business purposes.

As of September 30th, 2019, we closed the 2018/2019 year again with good results. Apart from the participation in 14 exhibitions during 19 days, and 6 introductory courses / presentations with 80 participants, we were able to increase the number of our subscriptions by 14%. The details of 225,000 records (124,000 births/baptisms, 30,000 marriages, and 71,000 deaths) were entered during the period elapsed, an average of 616 per day (7/7). 980,000 people are now connected to their father and mother.
The number of registered visitors has increased by 10% to almost 7,000. Our monthly newsletter is sent to 6,000 registered visitors, an increase of 8%.
The number of our volunteers has remained stable at 61, and we thank them very much for their commitment to the benefit of family research, and for their enduring work on the legibility of documents in the future.
We thank all our subscribers for the financial support without which such a project would not be feasible.
Special thanks to our correspondent subscribers, here in Luxembourg and above all abroad (Belgium, France, United States, ...) for the enrichment of our database on birth, marriage and death information of Luxembourgers abroad. We are looking for further correspondents in Belgium and France for entering information of marriages and deaths of Luxembourgers in these 2 countries.

The general meeting of asbl took place on October 22nd, 2019. As of September 30th, 2019, the association has 1,304 members (+ 12%) whose list has been deposited at the RCSL . Cash stands at 2.118 euros. 31 members were present. A small reception closed this meeting. An amount of 2,000 euros has been placed in a waiting account for later use.
Under this link, you will find some pictures of this meeting by Armand GILLEN.

The annual meeting of the luxroots-volunteers took place on October 26th, 2019 in Hoscheid, where 37 persons were present.
With this link, you will find some pictures of this meeting by Armand GILLEN.

Our traditional Christmas meeting will take place Saturday, November 30th, 2019 from 2pm30 at the Center Nicolas Braun in Hesperange. Please register until November 15th, 2019
with this form.

We come to you to help you find your ancestors

You are part of an association whose members are interested in family research, local history? Then plan a meeting, and we will come for free and without commitment for a presentation on genealogy in general and the luxroots project in particular. Contact us by message or by phone. +352 2799 4713, the largest family research project in the Greater Region, is looking for additional volunteers to enter the details of birth records for the Eifel region, the Belgian German-speaking region and the Belgian provinces of Lige and Luxembourg.
If you are able to analyze records of civil registers or even of parish registers, and you want to be part of a dynamic team of volunteers as part of the cross-border and non-profit project, please contact us by
mail or phone +352 2799 4713.

Find your ancestors quickly with luxroots anytime and anywhere. If you are not yet a luxroots-subscriber,
join them now!

Our volunteers finished the following data input during the current month:
1,660 births 1823-1875 Juseret (Vaux-sur-Sre) by Joel SCHMIT
33 births 1911-12 Villers-la-bonne-Eau (Bastogne) by Andr PIERRE

292 marriages 1743-1796 Neunkirchen (Bous) by Lydie EHLERINGER

932 deaths 1797-1823, 1838-1869 Arsdorf (Rambrouch) by Ferd KOEUNE
699 deaths 1729-1793 Asselborn by Christiane KRIER-PETERS
3,901 deaths 1798-1923 Bettembourg by Chantal WEBER-BECKER
2,434 deaths 1798-1859 Hobscheid by Pol HORNICK
230 deaths 1706-1807 Hupperdange by Christiane PETERS-KRIER
2,582 deaths 1797-1923 Oberwampach by Georges EICHER
Which associate is currently working on what ?

Vic HILGER joined our team of volunteers and is working on the death records of the municipality of Heffingen.

Our website, where you can publish your GEDCOM file for free, now holds 104 trees with 322,000 people. Give us yours and we will publish it for free on this site.
If your Gedcom file (containing 2,000 people or more) has not or will not be published on another website in Luxembourg, we will credit your account with
1,000 myluxroots points.

Romain GASPAR has just finished a new book. In 12 chapters, he presents on more than 450 pages the photographic memory of Nicolas MOLITOR of Bigonville. The book contains more than 700 photos of the region and is available at
the author Romain GASPAR at a price of 70 euros.

For your searches, you do not need to have a special genealogy program, neither free nor paid. Through the myluxroots transactions, more than 400 subscribers and associates have already entered their recent family members to luxroots linking them to the ancestors already entered earlier by our volunteers. If you add 7 family members (1924-2017) in our database, it is possible to get a pedigree chart with 1,000 ancestors (10 generations), and this in 10 minutes, not to mention the ability to create lists of descendants of these ancestors instantly. In Luxembourg, you will find nothing comparable to our project and for this reason, please help us to assemble the large Grand Duchy of Luxembourg genealogy puzzle and the neighboring regions. Check the pedigree charts of Christiane, Hortense, Paulette and Serge. Do the same, we will support you!
How to link a death notice I found on with the record of the deceased person in luxroots? See our Demo-Video. (We suggest to open the video with the Firefox Browser.) Check the list of the last uploaded pictures by our subscribers and volunteers!

Contact other luxroots users in order to work together on a common family name. 5,000 luxroots users have already given their consent.

Our next newsletter will be sent on Wednesday, November 27th, 2019.

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