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Today, more than 600 users support the luxroots project! Thank you!
If you are not yet among these people, join them now! is hosted on a powerful server, and bandwidth of 100 Mbps, the site offers quick searches and displays to visitors. As the rental of such a server with such a bandwith is linked to high costs, data visualization and researched over many extended visits is subject to a participation fee.

Very limited data are displayed to the unidentified visitor..
Registration as identified visitor is free, and after activation, the visitor, searching for his family, can apply in an email a free limited access to the luxroots database (provided that the user profile has been correctly completed, and that you have selected YES on order to obtain the luxroots information).
If you want to work with this genealogical database for a certain period and for a reasonable* number of searches, we offer an extensive search of 1, 6 or 12 months against payment of a small contribution to cover costs of the website.

The following subscriptions allow only searchs for your own family. Please contact us to know more about subscriptions for non-profit association, public-law institutions, ancestors and heirs searchs in general, ...

Version1 month6 months12 months
avec des points myluxroots
Euro 9,00
80 points
Euro 14,00
100 points
Euro 22,00
200 points
Additional points can be purchased: for the conversion of points into hits during the first year of subscription and for the payment of our PDF documents
further myluxroots points400 points
Euro 5,00
1.800 points
Euro 20,00
4.700 points
Euro 50,00
9.600 points
Euro 100,00
What can i do with these points ?
These points can be used
These points will be lost if the subscription is not extended.
Enriching our project by adding your information, you
earn myluxroots points.

Please make your payment, after registration,
by eurotransfert
to asbl L-1508 Howald
account LU98 0019 4355 5840 3000 with BCEELULL (Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat, Luxembourg)
under reference: - and yur NUMBERid.
(the delay for a transfer from bank to bank can be up to 5 working days)
or by
After receiving payment, a confirmation email will be sent. (please pay attention to your SPAM mail trash!)
The system will give you access to extensive information during the paid period
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